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Marantz TT42P


Record Player Reviews - Marantz-TT42P

Unlike other low-cost turntables, the Marant TT42P doesn’t have a USB port for transferring vinyl to digital. It’s just plain and simply a great vintage-looking record player with modern features that will make beginners’ entry into the world of vinyl seamless.

Since most modern day receivers don’t include a phono input, Marantz has upgraded its TT42 model with a built-in phono preamp on the belt-driven TT42P. This makes connecting simple, and with a few other construction decisions that we’re going to talk about below, the Marantz TT42P offers an easy way to get clean, balanced audio. You can finally relive the glory days of vinyl (past & present!) with this modern equipment.


Review of the Marantz TT42P

As said above, the TT42P does not require a dedicated phono input since it has a built-in preamp; simply plug it into any line level audio input (the same type of input you would use for a compact disc player) and you’re ready to go.

The Marantz TT42P sports fully automatic operation which means all you have to do is push the play button and the low-coloration tone arm precisely moves and fits itself into the grove, then safely returns to its resting position once playback finishes, without all the annoying scratching.

The TT42P supports both 33/45 RPM records and comes with a high-quality Audio-Technica 4.0mV Moving Magnet Cartridge, which is preset at the factory for proper tracking and smooth response. Sometimes, on cheaper turntables the needle skips on dust particles or dirt stuck in the groove of the record. But the Marantz doesn’t even pick up a pop. What’s more, as an added value, the dust cover will keep your records clean during playback (and after if you can’t be bothered to return them to their sleeve).

Construction-wise, the fully floating chassis will reduce vibration-induced skipping, and the DC servo motor and belt drive ensure pristine, interference-free playback. For those curious about the details, servo refers to an error sensing feedback control which is used to correct the performance of a system. Turntables with a servo mechanism are equipped with a circuit to correct and maintain motor speed. These systems use a sensitive regulator to monitor the voltage to the motor. There is marked improvement in long term speed drift and static stylus drag sensitivity.

DC servo motors can be found on a number of belt drive turntables, and their particularity is that the whole motor-control circuit is built into the motor itself rather than being separate circuit boards as found in many direct-drive turntables.

Bottom line

The built-in phono preamp makes sure you can connect to nearly any current receiver, and a pre-installed cartridge, low coloration tone arm, and belt-drive motor mean your turntable is ready to start spinning right out of the box.

The TT42P is a great and cheap setup if you want to listen to your vinyl record colllection directly with a headphone amp or receiver. With other turntables, you would have to buy a phono preamp, which can set you back another $100.

Furthermore, the idea of a buying a semi-automatic record player for your first vinyl setup is a very good one, especially if it sounds as good as this one

Beware however that the Marantz TT42P does not have an adjustable counterweight, which means you pretty much just have to use the stock cartridge (which is good… until you want to upgrade). If you feel that could be a problem, another favorite option for starter setups is the Denon DP-300F. You’ll like the fact that it has adjustable tracking force and antiskating, making it possible to mount cartridges to one’s individual taste.

So stop procrastinating, and buy the Marantz TT42P (or the Denon DP-300F). If you’re stuck deciding between this one and a different one you won’t make a bad choice by getting the Marantz.

Marantz TT42P record player


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Price: $359



  • Fully automatic
  • Low noise DC servo motor & belt drive
  • Moving magnet cartridge
  • Low coloration tone arm
  • Metal bearing
  • Rubber belt
  • Transparent dust cover
  • Heavyweight MDF base
  • Factory set-up – ready to play in minutes
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-18kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise-Ratio: 65dB
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ W x 4.7″ H x 14.2″ D (420mm x 119mm x 360mm)
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs (5.1kg)
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