Best audiophile turntables between $400 and $800

Thorens – TD-190-2

– Price: $749 –

Record Player Reviews - Thorens TD-190-2

Thorens TD 170

– Price: $699 –

Record Player Reviews - Thorens TD-170

Music Hall 2.2

Price: $499

Record Player Reviews - Music-Hall MMF-2.2

Rega P1

Price: $445

Record Player Reviews - Rega P1

Top Rated

Rank Item Rating
1 Technics SL-1200MK5 Read
2 Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB Read
3 Denon DP-300F Read
4 Pro-Ject Debut III Read
5 Music Hall MMF-2.2 Read
6 Marantz TT42P Read
7 Pioneer PL-990 Read
8 Stanton T.55 USB Read

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